Finding Your Purpose

We make decisions each day about what we will do and how we will carry ourselves.  Ideally, these decisions will be made based on the values we believe and accept as our own.  What happens sometimes is we lose touch with those values and wind up making decisions that are not congruent with our values and priorities.  When this happens (and it happens to the very best of us), we can find ourselves feeling depressed, anxious, trapped, or overwhelmed with stress.

People who find themselves in this position can do well to begin the therapeutic process with a skilled professional such as the clinicians available at this practice.  Together, we can explore what has brought you to this point and solutions to move forward and resolve the inner conflict you have been experiencing.  These steps are not always easy, but when you begin the journey, you will see the benefit of continuing.  You may be required to ask yourself some uncomfortable questions.  You may be required to analyze relationship patterns that have held you back.  The ultimate goal is restoration of the self and prioritizing the things in your life that help you feel connected and closer to living your best life.

If you are a person who has gotten off your path, be encouraged!  Know that there is a place for you, and you can find the answers that you seek.  We each have a living, breathing purpose to our existence.  Reconnecting to that purpose is the first step to realizing our potential and living a better life.  Once we can find that spark, that thing that gets us up every morning, we can once again continue to make the types of decisions that will be congruent with our values and priorities.  We can learn from our mistakes and continue on to a more fulfilled life.



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