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DepressionSolutions Counseling Center of Tampa offers a variety of services, including counseling for individuals undergoing life transitions, adult and child psychotherapy, assistance for adolescents who self-mutilate due to anxiety and depression, Dialectical Behavioral skills training, counseling for high-conflict family systems, counseling for those dealing with childhood trauma, anger management, and court-mandated counseling services.  Robin Foster is  committed to victim advocacy, and often speaks for the children involved in abuse cases.  She and her colleagues provide comprehensive and holistic support to all their clients and families.

Solutions Counseling Center has recently expanded their business to include a wider array of insurance holders in the community.  If you are seeking services but are unsure of services coverage, please contact your insurance provider.

When something bad happens to you, you have three choices; you can let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you. Let Solutions Counseling Center of Tampa, help you turn your trauma, into triumph.

photo by: Eddi van W.