Five Reasons: Why Do People Cut Themselves?

As cutters, we struggle with overwhelming anxiety and fear, which becomes so unbearable and unmanageable where the only relief we get is to cut. Describing why we cut can often feel impossible, to let someone into such a sacred and personal part of our lives. To help those of us who don’t cut but want to know why, here are some reasons:

Five Reasons: Why Do People Cut Themselves?

You’re not alone through this journey, we are here to help you find a better way and to deal with life on life’s terms. We hope this video has been helpful. When you are ready to stop hurting and start healing we are here to take you on a journey out of the darkness that your pain is keeping you in. You can conquer this. ” If you know of someone or are suffering from self-mutilation we want to be here for you, please contact us.

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